Open Garden – Ringmer Open Gardens

12 gardens

Sat and Sun 13/14 June

(2 – 5pm)

Enjoy this village trail with a variety of gardens opening in Ringmer. 6/14 (east village) and 7/13 June (central village). All proceeds to the Hospice.

Refreshments: Penn House, Lewes Road (central village 7 and 13 June) Cake and Cream Teas. Syringa, Laughton Road (east village 14 June only) Cake, teas and coffee.

Admission: £5 (covers both weekends). Children under 16 free.When the Toning Lounge closes at 1200 noon on Saturday 13 June tickets will be sold outside the Village Hall from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. On Sunday 14 June tickets will be sold outside the Toning Lounge from 1.30-4pm and outside Chanters, Broyle Lane, Ringmer BN8 5PQ. Tracy in Toning Lounge, Ringmer Shopping Precinct 8am -7pm Mon –Fri, 8am- 12pm Sat. OR from Jayne Marshall-Roelich, Chanters, Broyle Lane, Ringmer BN8 5PQ include SAE and cheque payable to St Peter & St James Hospice.

Directions: Village Hall BN8 5QH and Toning Lounge BN8 5QX. For more information:

Registered Charity Number: 1056114