The BIG Give

Make a bigger difference this Christmas

This year, as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge, we have a fantastic opportunity to achieve a dementia-friendly hospice. If we raise £20,000, our pot will be doubled, meaning we can train our nurses in dementia care and make our hospice safer for our patients!

Donate from Tuesday 28th November to Tuesday 5th December

We’ve got a brilliant project and incredibly generous people ready to match your gift. We’re counting on one last thing to make this happen: you. Give to our project during the above dates, see your donation doubled, and be part of something extra special this Christmas! You’ll improve the hospice care we provide, making life better for those living with dementia as well as terminal illness.

We shall give you the link on Tuesday 28th November, as soon as the campaign opens so check back!

Thank you for being there for our patients and their families.

Registered Charity Number: 1056114