Payroll / Matched Giving

Payroll Giving

Coin StackQ: How can you turn £3.90 into £5 for St Peter & St James?

A: By Giving As You Earn!

This is sometimes called “payroll giving” and can be administered by those who do the payroll in your place of work.

Payroll Giving is a unique way to donate money to a charity. When you choose to give via a standing order or a single donation you are giving out of a taxed income. When you choose Payroll Giving your donation is taken from your pay before tax is deducted.

For instance, should you decide to donate £5 a month to us, your employer makes the deduction before you pay tax. This means that you get tax relief included in your donation at your top rate of tax and it is so simple to do.


  • Employee’s pledge to charity (gross per month): £5 or £10
  • Taxed at 22% (current base rate): £1.10 or £2.20
  • Employee’s deduction (net per month): £3.90 or £7.80

Providing that your employer offers Payroll Giving, this just couldn’t be simpler. You authorise your employer to deduct regular charitable donations from your pay. Your employer then pays these donations to a Payroll Giving agency approved by the Inland Revenue. The agency then distributes the money to the charity, or charities, of your choice.

If you would like to know more please contact the Fundraising Department.

Matched Giving

Matched giving is a fantastic way in which businesses can give their employees an incentive for their fundraising and support St Peter & St James by offering to match what their employees raise.

As part of Payroll giving, businesses can match, pound for pound, what each of their employees give. Of course, businesses have the flexibility to put a cap on how much is matched per employee. The money that businesses give in this way is not taxed.

Businesses can also match giving in the following ways:

  • Matching sponsorship – if an employee gets sponsored to take part in our Sleep Walk, the business agrees to match it
  • Single donations – if an employee gives a donation to St Peter & St James, the business agrees to match it
  • Fundraising events – if employees hold a fundraising event for St Peter & St James, the business agrees to match whatever they raise
  • Volunteering time – businesses ‘pay’ their employees for any time they spend volunteering for St Peter & St James time with a donation to us

Benefits of matched giving include:

  • Boosted morale and team work by rewarding employees for their generosity
  • A reduced tax bill – businesses do not have to pay Corporation Tax on the money they use to match employee giving
  • PR opportunities in the local media and in our newsletter Caring, which is distributed to 8,500 of our supporters

More information on HMRC

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