Wellbeing Services

DSC 2254Patients are referred to our services by the hospice medical team – please let them know if you want to make a referral. If you want to refer a patient to one of the services listed below and they are not already in the care of the hospice, please call the Service Manager, Melanie Lockett on 01444 471598.

The services, which complement the medical care at the hospice, are:


  • Counselling support
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Befriender Service (Carer’s Support)
  • Welfare Advice
  • Complementary Therapy
  • Spiritual Care

All our services are free to hospice patients, their families and friends.

Counselling Service

At St Peter & St James we know how serious illness can affect a patient, their family and friends.

Our experienced team of counsellors offer time and attention to help those affected adjust to what has happened, support key relationships, make important decisions and find meaning at this very difficult time.

We also offer patients the opportunity to meet in a facilitated patient support group (1.5 hours per week for six weeks) to give and receive support. Research shows that some patients benefit greatly from sharing their experience with others in a similar position.

Bereavement Service

Everyone deals with bereavement differently and we offer to continue supporting families and friends of our patients following a death for up to six months.

Occasionally, we run a series of family sessions, (four meetings over four weeks). Bereaved children are invited to join our team with a parent or a trusted adult, to take part in a series of activities that can help them understand how they feel and cope with coming to terms with losing someone important in their lives. The adults meet in a facilitated group to talk about issues they may face.

Befrienders Service for Carers

Carers can feel isolated and exhausted. We recognise the valuable work that carers do and offer our support to reduce feelings of isolation, exhaustion and anxiety, enabling carers to do some of the ordinary, practical tasks outside of the home or to stay in touch with friends and or go to social events.

We do this by providing a:

  • Visiting service
    A domiciliary sitting service
  • Telephone Support Service
    Regular telephone support to offer a listening ear
  • Walk and Talk Outings
    Carers meet to walk and a chat in the Sussex countryside. They are able to share experiences with others who really understand.
  • Carers Days
    These days offer carers an opportunity to get to know the hospice services, talk to others in a similar situation and ask common questions about carers’ support, finances and other practical issues.


Our welfare staff can advise on a range of complex practical or financial problems that can arise at this stressful time. They can advise on a range of benefits, making a Will, local care agencies and other support at home, bereavement benefits, funeral expenses or help with other specific financial costs for those in receipt of benefit. This is a confidential service.

Complementary Therapies (A Service for Patients Only)

Our team of trained therapists offer several treatments for our patients. The team have experience of treating people with serious illness. Therapies include massages, aromatherapy massage, hand and foot massage, reflexology and relaxation. Patients can choose which one might be helpful to them.

Spiritual Care

Our spiritual care team helps patients and their families to find meaning, direction and purpose at this difficult time. Our aim, whether patients have beliefs or not, is to help them to achieve a sense of peace and understanding.

An experienced Buddhist volunteer offers individual and group mindfulness meditation sessions for patients and relatives at the hospice to teach them how to lower anxiety, feel calmer and more in control.

Our Reflective Garden set in the grounds of the hospice is for anyone to sit and enjoy the peaceful space it offers. (This garden was donated by Plumpton College.)

Registered Charity Number: 1056114